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What is Drukama Teaching?

The Learning Center is a group of online spiritual practitioners who study a particular lineage of ancient teachings called 'Drukama'. This teaching predates and has no association to any other religion, mystical or occult tradition active today. This online group is merely a means of maintaining contact between practitioners and Teachers around the world.

Much of what is explored in this group is applications in energy and meditation that have been concealed in an underground stream of teaching for hundreds of years. The original teaching went underground at a time when there was a 'fall of man', which represented a cycle of spiritual regression that happened in unison around the world's most flourishing mystical cultures including Khemet, Mesopotamia, Aegean (A GEE IN), the Indus Valley, MesoAmerica, and others.

The Learning Center is typically where invited practitioners start learning the Initiation stage of the Drukama process. Once Initiation is complete, a personal Transmission or Empowerment is given face-to-face between the Teacher and the practitioner, either in a Retreat setting or one-on-one. This involves a certain kind of energy 'transfer', which is experienced directly by the practitioner in a very substantial and impactful way.

What is Required to Join the Learning Center?

Membership is free, and the only requirement we ask is that you reveal your true identity to us, but you don't have to reveal it to the group. You can use any screen name you wish. If your email address and name check out to be authentic, you will continue to enjoy your membership with no restrictions in the Initiate Grade. Before you enter the Adept grades, there will be a more personal connection between the Teacher that's required to ensure your readiness to move on to the more advanced applications.



What Previous Spiritual Study is Required Before Joining?

The Authentic Drukama Teaching requires a special kind of Initiate, one who has either attained some level of spiritual maturity in this lifetime, or is awakening to that Initiatory level of attainment from a previous life and wants to fulfill that Initiatory process and gain access to deeper knowledge not offered in public books, lectures, and open teachings.

Drukama is not a teaching for the general public, for the curious, or for those starting the spiritual path or dabbling in many different traditions. It requires a certain level of maturation and stern commitment for the process to be actualized. Drukama is for someone who is looking to untangle from the chaotic dual worldly web of suffering by attaining a radiantly clear level of perception, not just of the world, but of egoic identity as well.

That said, Drukama causes dramatic changes in the way the practitioner perceives the world within and without. The process, through its systematic steps, causes intense increases to perception so the practitioner can gradually become more aware of the hidden influences controlling their lives.

In its basic form, Drukama is about understanding ourselves, the mind/body, and helps us become more clear and aware of our inner process. As it gets more advanced, we begin to enter into deeper 'spiritual states' (the Stream), which allows the practitioner to venture into the unconscious worlds that shape and form our entire external reality.

This includes generating new kinds of energies, new kinds of tools of perception, and interactions with the archetypes of the realms of the universe, ultimately leading to the discovery of the Higher Mind or radiantly clear perception above and beyond the egoic lower, worldly mind.

Discovering Keys to Unlock Radiant Awareness

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Unifying Nature's Three Principles

Alchemy is the process by which nature is hastened to its exalted and perfected state, imbibed with 'Philosophic' energy by the Alchemist, and used by the spiritual practitioner for the sake of greatly rejuvenating and amplifying their physical and meta-physical attributes.

As these qualities are purified, the enhancement of perception provides the practitioner a deeper experience of conscious clarity until, along with great practical application, the Realization of the Higher Mind occurs and crystallizes within.

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Solarum works to help increase vital energy in the body which helps reveals it. Solarum is like a super food giving your vitality that punch making radiant awareness much easier to experience.
To ancient alchemists, Oil of Gold was considered a treasure among treasures. Because of its magnificent powers of healing and ability to awaken the divine consciousness, this particular oil became a closely guarded secret and was considered a most precious gift from God.
There is no doubt why the women of Alexandria sought out the Alchemical effects of Copper - to restore their youthful beauty and to rejuvenate their youthful charm and elegance.
A most powerful Oil of the highest order, Silver has amazing and unique spiritual properties, second only to Gold itself.
White Space
Lead is the Father of Gold and because of this, within Lead we find the perfect Oil. Although we think of Lead in its Heavy Metal form, the Alchemists Lead is much different, totally altered in its final form.
An excellent remedy for an un-actualized Sacral Energy Center, Tin is not just a way to improve the health of the 'watery' elements of the body but to open a vital pathway for that Prana Shakti to rise past.


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